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Zoids Chaotic Century Episode 27 English Dubbed

Watch Zoids Chaotic Century Episode 27 English version online and free episodes. Anime Episode guide, Chapter Zoids Chaotic Century Episode 27 English dubbed The Saviour After taking out the Desert Hel Digunners and getting Zeke back safe and sound, Van and the rest are trying to make it to the capital without any of the Imperials spotting him. Moonbay and the others are making their way through a village a called Light Town, where they learn Prozan has announced Rudolph is dead. Then if that wasn’t bad enough, they have a road block set up just in case Van and the others run by. They come up with a nice plan to smuggle Rudolph past Light Town and into the heart of Imperial Territory. Moonbay and Fiona are in the Gustav, while Irvine, Rudolph, Van and Zeke are making their way past the mountains on foot. Moonbay decides to act like she’s getting married and succeeds after lying half a dozen times. Later, the soldier in command finds out they were being tricked, and Irvine, Rudolph, Van and Zeke were on foot making their way through the mountains. Irvine hears the engine of maybe two or three Redlers in the vicinity and tells them to be very cautious. The Redlers deploy something called Reil-Gas. As Irvine was warning the guys, Rudolph falls down the cliff onto a smaller cliff. Van, Irvine and Zeke rescue Rudolph, but they couldn’t use Zeke’s thrusters because it might cause a landslide which may also give away the location of where they are at. They eventually get caught by the Reil-Gas and are put in a cell here they are taking pictures of them. Moonbay gets stuck in the desert because her gets caught in a sticky situation. Later at night, after Van, Irvine, and Rudolph are trapped inside a cage, they are rescued by the same guy that Van had helped in New Helic City. They go back for Zeke and are spotted, they start running an the guy gets them out. Van and Irvine along with Rudolph and Zeke make it out there. While the soldier makes his own tracks and plunges into the river and makes it to freedom. Just as they thought they were in the clear, a whole herd of Rev Rapters were pursuing them and Moonbay had just arrived at the location. Van and Zeke make it into the Blade Liger, and they completely annihilate all the Rev. Rapters.


20 / 20 - 2 ratings.

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Zoids: Chaotic Century   -   03 May 2010
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