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Yami Shibai Season 1 Episode 13 English Subbed

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You will Watch Yami Shibai Season 1 Episode 13 online English Subbed for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream anime Yami Shibai Episode 13 English Subbed Tormentor. A trio of elementary students are expectantly observing a house in the vicinity of their neighborhood using a pair of binoculars, hoping to see the Tormentor, an entity that according to one of the students, caused his grandmother’s childhood friend to disappear mysteriously following its appearance. The student, visibly unnerved, leaves on false claims. The remaining two, Shouta and Taichi, spot the occupants of the residence stumbling around wearing blindfolds, with an eerie apparition seemingly contorting its limbs barely visible behind one of the residents. As it is about to appear in the surveiling Shouta’s field of vision, taichi snatches the binoculars impatientantly and goes into shock upon seeing the entity, abrubtly leaving in a similar ‘dancing’ manner. Shouta meekly arrives at his friend’s house the following day to return his binoculars, but is sternly told off by Taichi’s father, who claims his son will not be playing with him anymore as he is transferring to a school in Tokyo. The student briefly glimpses past the father to see a group of people cautiously observing and attempting to handle a writhing Taichi, his mother weeping desperately nearby and someone reminding others to not to look at Taichi in the eye. Upon leaving Shouta notices who he believes is Taichi watching him from a window. Using his binoculars he views the window but no one is there. He suddenly spots the father, aghast, pointing alarmingly at something in his direction. Shouta then shifts the binoculars gifted to him by Taichi’s father to the right and witnesses Taichi rushing at him as a Tormentor. The screen fades as Shouta looks into the eyes of Taichi through the binoculars.


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Yami Shibai English Subbed   -   11 January 2016
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