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The Twelve Kingdoms Episode 15 English Dubbed

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Episode 15 English version online and free episodes. Anime Episode guide, Chapter The Twelve Kingdoms
Episode 15 English dubbed Sea Of The Wind, The Shore Of The Maze – Chapter One, The episode opens with a little boy out in the cold snow looking in the window. His mother and grandmother are arguing over how he is spoiled and misbehaves. He trips and all the sudden it is one year later.. He is in a different part of town.. The location is his grandmothers funeral. Flash forward to present day Japan.. The same boy, now older is named Kaname Takasato. He is in art class having strange flashbacks of the incident. We see Sugimoto, having already met Takasato, she goes up and talks to him. She keeps asking him why he was spirited away to The Twelve Kingdoms. Takasato doesn’t want to talk about it. Back in Kei, we see Youko and Keiki flying to Mount Hou to see an old friend of Keiki’s. When they arrive Keiki introduces Youko to Youka. Youka tells Youko about the special raboku tree here that gives life to kirin. Taiki, the missing kirin of Tai is brought up and Keiki tells about how his nyokai, Sanshi was born. As she was guarding the “egg” Taiki was in.. A shoku occurred and sent the unborn Taiki into Japan. This made Taiki’s birth to take place in Japan.. As a normal person. Back to current day Japan, Kaname’s younger brother, Suguru, is being hassled by seniors about how people who hang out his brother end up being killed or hurt. Sugimoto appears and asks him about his brother. He explains to her how he got spirited away and ever since he came back strange things seem to happen around him. Back in Youka’s story, 10 years have passed since the shoku, but finally Lady Gyokuyou found that Taiki was in Japan. She opened a portal and allowed Sanshi to stick her hand in to grab Taiki. This was what happened when Taiki disappeared from his home in Japan for a year. After Taiki got pulled into The Twelve Kingdoms, he was confused. But Sanshi couldn’t have been more happy.


20 / 20 - 4 ratings.

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The Twelve Kingdoms   -   11 May 2010
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