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Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-hen Episode 7 English Subbed

Watch full Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-hen Episode 7 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-hen Episode 7 English sub streaming online. Legend! The mechanical beasts of Bardos!. As Ankokuji’s search for the Pilder continues, Kouji continues to insist that he does not know the whereabouts of the craft. Despite this, Ankokuji plans to interrogate Shiro in front of Kouji, in order to force an answer out of him. Around this time, Shiro, who had been sleeping in the Police Department, wakes up to find the bodies of numerous officers. As a pair of officers slowly approach the office to fetch Shiro, he overhears their plan, and is forced to hide, causing Ankokuji to send even more officers out to search for him. In the midst of all of this, Prof. Yumi and Sayaka become suspicious of Ankokuji’s entire operation, noticing that the number of officers out searching for the Pilder far exceed those that would normally be present in Atami, and dispatches Sayaka in Aphrodai A. Shiro finds Kouji locked in his cell, before Ankokuji comes to attack them; as he lunges towards Shiro, Kouji grabs the detective’s face, causing his “skin” to tear off. Meanwhile, group of officers at the Shirogane House make a shocking discovery: the REAL Detective Ankokuji has been sleeping at the Inn during this whole search, and the impostor who led this search is none other than Baron Ashura, with all of the “officers” being the Ashura Corps. Sayaka is stopped by another one of Ashura’s machine beasts, Nonakargo H2, which quickly defeats Aphrodai A. Ashura manages to corner Shiro on the roof, but is thwarted by Nishikiori, who electrocutes it, while two of her subordinates, Yasu and Cross, break Kouji out of his cell. Seeing Ashura, Kouji grabs a soldiers sword and heads to the rooftop in order to avenge his grandfather. Meanwhile, Dr. Hell reveals his connection with Nishikiori to Count Brocken: she was previously his assistant, and the two of them had met with Prof. Kabuto and Prof. Yumi ten years earlier to find the legendary warriors of the island of Bardos. Multiple archeological digs took place throughout the Aegean Sea, but to no success. Eventually, however, the remnants of the island of Bardos were found under the sea by Kabuto and Hell, where the Mechanical Beasts lay dormant. Determined to use these beasts to rule the world, Dr. Hell was suddenly betrayed by Nishikiori, who blew the island up. Moreover, Hell reveals that Nishikiori is none other than the “creator” of Baron Ashura. Meanwhile, as Nishikiori prepares to deal the final blow on her creation, Kouji charges in, determined to kill it himself; this act, however, proves to be a mistake, as Ashura regains its strength and summons the Nonakargo to attack them.


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