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Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-hen Episode 18 English Subbed

Watch full Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-hen Episode 18 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-hen Episode 18 English sub streaming online. Disappearance! Mycenae’s last day!. Baron Ashura, Tsubasa, Kouji and the Kurogane four try to flee but was stopped by the mechanical beast Garadoubla. Baron Ashura was caught and held captive. Cross sacrifices his life by saving Tsubasa and Kouji from being smashed by Garadoubla. Yasu then sacrificed himself by blowing the atomic bomb planted in his stomach destroying Garadoubla. Kouji, Tsubasa and Sensei escaped using the Hover Pilder. Tristan and Isolde, serving as priests of the mechanical beasts agrees with Archduke Gorgon’s plan to preserve the Mycenae empire if their plan of subversing Zeus fail. The two went into the hybenation stage inside a cocoon. Meanwhile, Archduke Gorgon tries to please Zeus by sacrificing Baron Ashura, telling Zeus that it is Tristan covering Isolde’s half face. Zeus is convinced and agrees to remove his golden protective armor. Archduke Gorgon summons Hades and Hades severes Zeus arm. Kouji saves Baron Ashura from being sacrificed in fire. Hades tries to kill Zeus by his fire power. Django and Sensei died trying to kill Archduke Gorgon. Kouji tried to help Zeus but was stopped again by Garadoubla, who survived the atomic bomb by Yasu. Kouji activates Mazinger Z to finish off Garadoubla and eventually helped Zeus defeat Hades much to the delight of Zeus. Zeus finishes off Hades by throwing his severed hand as his version of Rocket Punch destroying Hades. Hades re-appears as a ghastly fire form and vows to come back with his seven generals as the Emperor of Darkness. Meanwhile, Baron Ashura agrees with Tsubasa to open the Mycenea gate to destroy the escaped Kedora. By destroying the last Kedora, Baron Ashura have proven their loyalty to Dr. Hell. However, more memories will be revealed to Ashura, Tsubasa and Kouji involving Dr. Hell and Kenzo Kabuto…


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