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Shin Koihime Musou: Otome Tairan Episode 2 English Subbed

Watch full Shin Koihime Musou: Otome Tairan Episode 2 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Shin Koihime Musou: Otome Tairan Episode 2 English sub streaming online. Hōtō Hides Something. In the Tō providence, Kaku grieved over the lost of Kayū during the Kyoudo expedition as Kayū was missing in action after the battle while Chōjō had a bit of chat with her and tells her not to worry.

Meanwhile, Sei and Bachō discuss about her cousin, Batai who couldn’t join along with the group since she’s still in training, as Bachō worries about leaving her alone. Sei snickers and tells her not to worry about it. At RyÅ«bi group, Kōmei notice that Chōhi carries a large box inside in which Chōhi says that she notice the box before heading off and notice the sign says ‘Bentou’. With the little ploy by Kōmei, inside out came out Batai. Turns out that she wants to join along but Kōmei refuse to let her until Batai threaten Chōhi that she’ll reveal her secret to Kōmei if she doesn’t tag along. Reluctantly, thanks to Chōhi and RyÅ«bi, Batai joins the group. Along the way, they stop by at Suikyou’s house, greeted by Suikyou and Hōtō. Kōmei explains the situation and Suikyou agrees to help her however she realize the box containing the lint was empty. Somehow Hōtō knows about it but keeps it quiet.

During dinner, since Suikyou can’t find it, RyÅ«bi suggest that they should go to Rakuyou market. However Kōmei tells them that the probability is low plus Suikyou informs them that due to Kashin being removed by Chōjō, Chōjō invites Tōtaku to the imperial palace for the imperial’s support due to her failure of the Kyoudo expedition. After that incident the capital turns into chaos and advise the group not to go near there. Back to their topic, Suikyou tells them that the Mōkaku Emperor has a Nanban elephant but wasn’t quite sure about it. That night, Chōhi woke up from a nightmare and was heading to the bathroom until she heard a thief sneaking around, only to capture Hōtō who was taking some provisions. Suikyou and the rest woke up and ask her for an explanation. Hōtō explains that she’s going to go to Nanban as she’s the one who lost the lint that Suikyou kept while she was cleaning the place. She worries that they’ll never forgive her for what she did and cries. Kōmei tells her that she’s angry but at least she’s being honest about it and forgives her.

The next day, before the group depart to Nanban, Suikyou gives Kōmei a feathered fan for her journey. As they left the place, Chōhi decides to come out clean to Kōmei that she’s the one who broke her inkstone and say it was an accident. However, Kōmei goes on berserk mode as it happens to be Suikyou’s old inkstone and chase after her in a fit of rage. Meanwhile at Sei’s group, Sei was upset that Bachō took the ramen with the extra bamboo shoot while Kan’u was all alone at the campfire.


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