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PriPara Episode 86 English Subbed

Watch full PriPara Season 2 Episode 48 English Subbed full HD online. PriPara Episode 86 English Subbed online for free in HD.

Win, Spring Grand Prix!

As everyone prepares for the Spring Idol Grand Prix, Laala has concerns about Hibiki. When Mirei asks Laala what’s wrong, she tells Mirei she really wants to save Hibiki from making a terrible mistake in wanting to become a vocal doll. Mirei tells Laala not to worry as they’ll win the Grand Prix. Meanwhile Hibiki is determined to win the Grand Prix but only Falulu appears excited at the prospect. Sophy, Sion and Reona all secretly wonder how they can stop Hibiki from winning. Fuwari, who has been watching them train decides to go see Falulu that evening. Disguised as the Genius again, Fuwari enters Falulu’s apartment. She asks Falulu how she really feels about Hibiki’s decision, but Falulu still says she can’t wait to have a friend who can spend time with her all the time. Fuwari then notices the flowers Falulu is holding and tells her all about how beautiful the flowers are in the Palps and how wonderful it is to see them, which strikes a nerve with Falulu. The day of the Grand Prix dawns, both teams enter the Dream Theater and Meganii announces that the winner will received the Dream Parade Princess Coord and be allowed to perform in the Parade. The teams perform a joint Live together and as both teams Cyalume Airy change everyone receives the Spring Dream Parade Coord and Golden Airies. It is then revealed that the idols must race to the Spring bell, the first one to touch it wins the Dream Parade Pincess Coord. Hibiki sets off but Sophy, Sion and Mirei try to stop her while Mikan and Aroma race ahead to the bell. Falulu stays back with Laala and tells Laala of her doubts about Hibiki’s decision, which Laala encourages her to do the right thing. Hibiki fights back Sophy, Sion and Mirei before activating Cyalume Platinium Airy and racing ahead of Aroma and Mikan. Falulu manages to catch up with Hibiki after also performing a Platinum Airy. Hibiki thinking Falulu is joining her takes Falulu’s hand only to be dragged back. Falulu tells Hibiki she wouldn’t wish the imprisonment of a vocal doll on anyone, reiterating the conversation with Fuwari the previous evening. Hibiki breaks free of Falulu’s grip and flies on. Falulu begins crying and begs Laala to save Hibiki. Laala begins to pursue Hibiki, who is surprised that she can keep up with only a Golden Airy. With another burst of speed Hibiki knocks Laala back, but the other idols band together to give Laala a boost. As Laala begins to catch up with Hibiki, her determination causes her to activate the Final Airy, a set of rainbow coloured wings, which allow her to narrowly beat Hibiki to the bell. Laala Cyalume Changes into the Dream Princess Coord and her team ring the Spring bell, winning the Grand Prix. Everyone cheers while Hibiki voices her anger at losing. Meganii receives his Glasses back and takes control of Pripara again. But everyone’s excitement is short-lived as Meganii discovers the system has gone into overload. As the system crashes, the Celepara palace crumbles to dust and the park shuts down, trapping everyone inside.


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PriPara English Subbed   -   28 April 2016
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