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Pri Para Episode 57 English Subbed

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You will Watch Pri Para Episode 57 English Subbed online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream anime Pri Para Season 2 Episode 19 What’s a Genius ~panda? Fuwari prepares to leave Paprika Private Academy for home, but SoLaMi Smile and Dressing Pafe confront her and beg her not to go. Fuwari tells them that she was only able to stay in Japan if she became a princess for Hibiki and since she no longer wants to she must leave. The other girls however decide to ask Hibiki to reconsider and let Fuwari stay. Hibiki’s butler prevents them from entering Hibiki’s office so they force their way in. Hibiki agrees to hear them out and after pleading with him to let Fuwari stay he agrees. As everyone celebrates Hikibi takes a sudden interest in Sophy and Sion. Although Fuwari can stay at the school she must move into a different dorm room in the attic, and all the girls and headmistress Gloria help her to settle in. Everyone then head to Prism Stone so that Dressing Flower can perform a Dream Theatre live with their new Summer Dream Parade Coord. Aroma and Mikan are seen outside a Bagel and Coffee shop opposite Prism Stone, Mikan wanted to get a Bagel but the shop appears to be closed much to her dismay. On witnessing the others entering Prism Stone, Aroma rushes to meet them so as not to miss the performance. Just before entering the store, Mirei witnesses Hibiki’s butler entering the Coffee shop. Everyone gathers at the Dream Theatre and Dressing Flower perform a concert. At the end of the concert however, someone cuts the lights, and after they are restored, Laala and the others realise their Summer Dream Parade Coord has been stolen. A mysterious man appears above the stage, calling himself Thieving Genius and revealing he has stolen the coord before fleeing the building. Despite Meganii and the Panda mascots best efforts they are unable to locate the thief. Everyone begins to wonder what will happen to the competition now, but Meganee reassures them that the Autumn Idol Grand Prix will still go ahead as planned. Everyone also agrees they will do their best to put on the best performances they can. Meanwhile the thief is seen leaving Pripara through a second Mirror gate , concealed in the Bagel and Coffee shop opposite Prism Stone, and is non other than Hibiki. He gives his butler the tickets containing the Summer Dream Parade Coord for safe keeping before leaving.


20 / 20 - 1 ratings.

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PriPara English Subbed   -   14 October 2015
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