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Pri Para Episode 56 English Subbed

You will Watch Pri Para Episode 56 English Subbed online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream anime Pri Para Season 2 Episode 18 Run! Summer Dream Grand Prix! A group of four top ranking idols called Celebrity 4 arrive in Japan from Europara planning to enter the Summer Idol Grand Prix. The idol group approaches Fuwari and ask her to join them to form a dream team. Although Fuwari politely refuses the girls don’t take no for an answer, and after one of them hits Toriko, Fuwari runs away from them. Finding Laala and the others, she asks to form a dream team with Dressing Pafe and Laala because they had so much fun the other day together. Dressing Pafe excitedly agree, however Mirei objects saying Laala is part of SoLaMi Smile just as Celebrity 4 show up in a pedal powered car and begin to chase the girls around Pripara. The girls manage to lose Celebrity 4 but Sophy becomes tired and Mirei injures her leg. Dressing Pafe manage to lead Celebrity 4 away from the others while Fuwari tends to Mirei. Mirei thanks her and reluctantly agrees to let Laala form the dream team. Laala and Fuwari meet up with Dressing Pafe and begin making their way to the Dream Theatre in time for the Grand Prix. As they transverse a narrow ledge in a gorge, Celebrity 4 appear on a four person bike, only to be driven back by panda mascots playing skittles with boulders. One of the boulders goes off course, forcing Laala and the others to jump into the river. As they are swepped along, Celebrity 4 appear in a balloon to pick up Fuwari, but the balloon is popped on an old tree and the four idols are plunged over a waterfall. Fuwari clings to Laala and the other to save them from the waterfall. This causes all of their cyalume charms to react indicating the formation of a compatible dream team. They are then swepped down the waterfall and end up in the fountain in the main square. They rush to the Dream Theatre and perform as a team, winning the event and the Summer Dream Parade Coord, the first of the princess coords. As they are interviewed by Meganii, Hibiki switches off the TV in annoyance. Later Fuwari goes to return the glass slippers Hibiki gave her, and thanks him for giving her the opportunity to come to Japan, even though she isn’t cut out to be a princess. After she leaves the room, Hibiki angrily smashes the slippers before returning home. In his penthouse apartment, Hibiki enters a secret room containing a diorama of the Dream Theatre with two model idols. He removes model of Fuwari and throws it in a box labelled ‘NO’, stating his desire to create the perfect dream team to win the competition. The second model in the diorama is revealed to be Falulu.


18 / 20 - 2 ratings.

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PriPara English Subbed   -   14 October 2015
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