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Power Rangers Ninja Steel Episode 4 Presto Change-O

Watch full Power Rangers Ninja Steel Episode 4 online full HD online. Cartoon video Power Rangers Ninja Steel Episode 4 online for free in HD. Presto Change-O. Preston performs another magic show at the school as Presto Change-O, but Victor exposes that it’s not real. Galvanax doesn’t feel like any of the monsters he can send to fight the Rangers are good enough. Ripcon tells him he should go down to Earth himself, and he decides to target Brody. Brody goes to cheer up a crestfallen Preston, who explains that his parents took him to a magic show as a child, where the magician made a dragon bracelet appear on his wrist, giving him a love of magic. But as they have this conversation, rabbits start magically appearing.

Preston goes to talk to the other Rangers, who are working on fixing up Dane’s truck as a present for Brody. When Preston proves he does have real magic, Mick explains the legends of the Ninja Steel say those who possess it have their greatest desires magnified and made real, which is why Preston has magic. Meanwhile, Brody takes the extra rabbits to a pet store but is confronted by Galvanax, Ripcon, and Madam Odious. Galvanax wants to take revenge on Brody for stealing the Ninja Nexus Prism, but when the other Rangers arrive, Madam Odious advises him that even being hit by the Rangers would look bad to the Galaxy Warriors audience, so he calls down a monster, Slogre, and departs.

Preston chases Slogre off using magic, gaining confidence in his abilities. But not before Slogre hits Hayley, Calvin, and Sarah with a mist that gradually slows them down. Preston holds another magic show at the school, this time using real magic, but it doesn’t work as he expects. Victor pulls an angry panther from the magic hat instead of a kitten, and after sawing Monty in half, Preston is unable to reverse the spell.

The three affected Rangers start to go home, thinking they are getting sick, but are confronted by Slogre. Moving in slow motion, they try to morph but Slogre is able to take their Ninja Stars. Brody and Preston arrive and Brody convinces Preston to use his magic to take them back, explaining his magic likely wasn’t working because he was using the ability for “personal gain” instead of helping people. He’s able to tie up Slowger and Brody takes back the stars. The two morph and destroy Slogre, who is gigantified by Cosmo. The Rangers form the Ninja Steel Megazord, but Slogre is able to fly and Brody can’t catch him with the Robo Red Zord. So Preston activates Dragon Formation, with the Dragon Zord taking the center seat and its wings going on the back of the Megazord they destroy Slogre.

Back at the school, Preston tries again to reverse the spell on Monty. He is made whole, but since Preston used the phrase “fair and square”, Monty comes out cube-shaped. He decides to let it wear off instead of giving Preston another chance to fix it, making box puns as he walks away.


5 / 5 - 8 ratings.

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Power Rangers Ninja Steel   -   19 June 2017
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