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Pokemon Season 8 Episode 407

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You will watch Pokemon Season 8 Episode 407 online for free episodes with high quality. Online episode guide, Pokemon Season 8 Episode 407 Choose It or Lose It! Continuing the Hoenn League; Morrison sends out Growlith but it gets defeated by Corphish and Ash yells at Morrison that he doesn’t care about his Pokemon and that he should just quite if he’s not going to battle with his full heart. Morrison snaps out of it and sends out Swampert who draws with Corphish after using Focus Punch against Corphish’s Crabhammer. Morrison sends out Steelix and Ash sends out Pikachu but gets defeated with Steelix’s Iron Tail and then Ash sends out Torkoal who dispite the advantage loses to Steelix’s Dig. Ash sends out Grovyle next who beats Steelix with a Leaf Blade. Morrison then sends out Gligar who beats Grovyle after a heated match with a Guillotine. Ash then sends out Swellow who defeats Gligar with its powerful Aerial Ace. Morrison sends out Metang next which beats SWellow rather easily. Ash’s last Pokemon is Glalie. Glalie keeps using Ice Beam but it keeps getting reversed by Psychic. Finally after Ice Beam was reversed by Psychic Glalie used an Icy Wind to blow it back and beat Metang. Ash has to face Tyson next. Tyson sends out Sceptile and Ash sends out Glalie. Sceptile’s Solar Beam and Glalie’s Ice Beam collide and there is an explosion who will win.


18 / 20 - 14 ratings.

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Pokemon Season 8 Advanced Battle   -   14 January 2011
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