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The Polar Express

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The Polar Express Info

Episode Description:
Movies - 26 Dec 2017

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The Polar Express online for free in HD. On Christmas Eve, a boy who is beginning to question Santa’s existence witnesses a train known as the Polar Express, that is about to depart for the North Pole. When the boy examines the train, the conductor allows him to board. The boy meets other children, including a girl and a know-it-all kid. When the train picks up another boy, Billy, he initially declines to board but changes his mind and chases the train, and the hero boy applies the emergency brakes for him to get on. Billy sits in the empty dining car while the conductor summons a waiter team to serve the children hot chocolate, and the girl hides one under her seat to give to Billy. The girl and the conductor deliver the hot chocolate cup to Billy, but the hero boy discovers the girl’s ticket has not been punched by the conductor. He loses it while trying to return it, so the conductor takes her for a walk on the top of the train. Thinking he plans to throw her off, the hero boy locates the lost ticket and chases them down, but thinks he didn't get to them in time...