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Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run

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Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run Info

Episode Description:
Movies - 27 Feb 2017

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Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run online for free in HD. om his headquarters, NSA General Foghorn Leghorn, his intern Pete Puma, and spy Cecil Turtle oversee an operation on a mountain in the central Mexican jungle. The objective of the operation is to extract a rare flower, as the agents believe it to be the world's most powerful weapon. However, they are beaten to it by Speedy Gonzales. In New York City, Lola Bunny is tired of working for Giovanni Jones at the Acme's department store perfume counter. Witch Hazel makes a cameo as Lola sings about her dream of creating her own perfume. She accidentally damages the store, gets fired and takes a long, awkward ride home in Bugs Bunny's taxi. Arriving in her apartment, she screams when she sees a mouse, even though it's her landlord, Speedy. He gives her the flower as a gift, unaware it is being watched by the NSA. Foghorn sends agent Elmer Fudd to watch the flower, though Lola uses it to create her perfume. which has a side effect of invisibility. She doesn't notice as she accidentally sprays her eye, forcing her to wash it out, rendering her visible. Cecil sends his goons to get it, but Lola backs out the window and falls to Bugs' taxi below. On the way down, the perfume makes the wall invisible exposing, in successive apartments, the Stacey's manager and his shoe customer from Hare Conditioned, the little man from the draft board from Draftee Daffy, and Red Ryder and his horse from Buckaroo Bugs. General Foghorn puts out a reward of $500,000 for Bugs and Lola, and Yosemite Sam, who was preparing to rob a bank in Times Square (with just a short-range water pistol), learns of it and apprehends them. However, he refuses to hand them to the NSA or the NYPD until after he gets the money, and a one-sided gunfight ensues. Lola and Bugs escape and slip down a storm drain. They emerge through a manhole in front of Porky Pig, causing a traffic jam, but Giovanni grabs the perfume. Lola runs after him and gets abducted by Cecil in a van. Bugs jumps in Daffy Duck's taxi and follows them. At a secret location, Cecil and his goons interrogate Lola and leave her to die, but Bugs and Daffy manage to free her. Driving through the streets (and subway tunnels) of New York and running through Central Park, the rabbits make haste to John F. Kennedy International Airport. Daffy envies the ducks in the park and decides to retire...