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Bratz Kidz: Sleep-Over Adventure

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Bratz Kidz: Sleep-Over Adventure Info

Episode Description:
Movies - 19 May 2016

Episode List

Bratz Kidz: Sleep-Over Adventure n the beginning, the Bratz Kidz (Yasmin, Cloe, Jade, Sasha, and Meygan), along with Sasha's dad, go off to the new girl, Ginger's house. The Wispings, Ginger's parents, set up the sleeping bags in a room. Ginger explains that she has never had a sleepover before. So Jade, Yasmin, Meygan, Cloe, and Sasha assure her that they'll help make the party fun and a great experience for Ginger. They do makeovers, have a runway show, and a dancing contest. Sasha and Meygan start making up their own dances, such as "The Worm" and "The Funky Fashion Monkey". Later, Ginger's mom tells everyone that it is time for bed. A while later, the girls wake up and decide to tell scary stories. But Ginger tells the girls that her mom said it was bedtime. The kids explain that her mom doesn't expect them to sleep and that telling stories is what slumber parties are about. Sasha is the first to tell a scary story. In Sasha's story, it takes place at the carnival which also takes place at Meygan and Jade's stories. Sasha and her friends Yasmin and Meygan are in the room of mirrors. When the girls are posing in front of a mirror, Sasha wants the mirror for herself, frustrated she adventures out to another room. In the room, there is one big mirror where Sasha starts posing around but suddenly Sasha finds out, her reflection is a living person also. Her reflection jumps out and runs away. Sasha who is now scared and shocked, looks for her. She finds her eating and frightened runs away. Her reflection is now following her wherever she goes. Sasha then runs to the room where she first found her reflection, her reflection is back where she was but more mirrors appear around Sasha. Sasha goes too close to one of the mirror and her reflection pushes her in and gets out and then telling her she got what she wanted her reflection and it's now what she sees all around her. Her reflection leaves to be "Sasha" and leaves Sasha mourning...