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Pickle and Peanut Season 2 Episode 9 – Truckers / Pickledo

Watch full Pickle and Peanut Season 2 Episode 9 full HD online. Cartoon video Pickle and Peanut Episode 30 online for free in HD.

On Thanksgiving Day, Mr. Mjart tasks his employees Pickle and Peanut with delivering frozen turkeys to Mjart Mart after the store sells out of them. Driving Mr Mjart’s tractor trailer, the two try to soak in the excitement of being “truckers” while making the journey to the distribution center where the frozen turkeys are being kept, such as wearing “trucker gear” (foreign clothes that Mr. Mjart kept in the back of the truck) and communicating through the C4 radio, (where a voice scolds them from communicating on an apparently restricted channel). After the trailer becomes disconnected from the tractor truck (as a result of going off-road to do some doughnuts) they discover that the vehicle is connected magnetically through a connector rather then a traditional manual tractor hitch. Successfully reconnecting the truck to the trailer, they soon discover that they are low on fuel and decide to stop at a nearby truck stop, where they fill up the truck and check out a diner near the stop while they wait for the truck to fill up. Inside are a huge crowd of truckers, among them Catarina, a large and tough real “professional trucker” who claims she never had a day off from her trucker delivery career in her entire life, and also the voice of the person who scolded them earlier over the radio, as she recognizes Pickle’s voice from earlier. Infuriated that a bunch of “impostors” are in a place meant for “real truckers”, she humiliates the two and ultimately throws them out of the diner. Back on the road, they finally reach the distribution center and load up the supply of frozen turkeys, but notice a large crate in the distance meant for Catarina to deliver. Feeling sympathetic for angering her and remembering her saying that she never had a day off in her life, Peanut decides to make Catarina’s delivery for her in addition to delivering the turkeys to prove that they are indeed real truckers. Pickle is unsure about this (arguing that its not their responsibility for Catarina’s delivery and that Catarina’s delivery is addressed to a military base) and would rather just deliver the turkeys to the store as planned, but Peanut convinces him that they’d be also performing a good deed by making Catarina’s delivery, insuring that she’d finally have a day off so she can enjoy Thanksgiving. Pickle agrees, and they load up Catarina’s delivery, a military grade weapon. Soon after the duo take off with both deliveries in tow, the military and Catarina arrive, only discover that Catarina’s delivery is gone, with only a note left behind (signed by Pickle and Peanut, ensuring her delivery will be made.) The military immediately begins setting up blockades to block off the delivery from being made, causing Pickle and Peanut to run into heavy traffic. The two take an off-road shortcut on a rocky mountainside to get to their destinations faster, only for the rocky terrain of the road to cause the weapon, a large bomb called the Megaton Bomb, to break out of its crate and crack the bomb, rendering it unstable, and as a result causing the trailer to obtain a noticeable glow. Noticing the glow, the military is able to locate the trailer containing the bomb and arrive just as Pickle and Peanut arrive back at Mjart Mart. Opening the trailer, the two notice the bomb for the first time (among some scattered frozen turkeys) and begin to panic along with everyone else who have been waiting for the turkeys. At this point the military starts to give in, believing that it is too late to transport the bomb out of harms way. However, remembering their doughnut incident and the truck’s magnetic connector from earlier, Pickle and Peanut jump back in the truck and begin doing doughnuts in the parking lot at rapid speed, planning to build enough momentum to use the magnetic connection between the truck and the trailer to eventually disconnect the truck from the trailer, hurling the trailer, with bomb in tow, up and out of harm’s way. However, the trailer’s magnetic connection between the truck is too strong, so Pickle sacrifices himself to manually disconnect the the truck from the trailer before the bomb detonates. Luckily, he is successful in doing this, and both jump away from the truck before the truck hurls the now flimsily connected trailer up in the air high above Mjart Mart, where it finally detonates in a massive explosion. Due to the heat radiating from the blast, the explosion also cooks the stray turkeys that were inside the trailer, causing the now-cooked turkeys to rain down upon a satisfied crowd of customers. Later, the two and Mr. Mjart enjoy Thanksgiving with a now grateful Catarina, who is finally spending her first day off sharing a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. / Pickle wakes up to discover the lower half of his body has been replaced with a dog’s body, and while at first freaked out, he eventually comes to enjoy it and starts having a lot of fun doing every dog thing he can imagine with Peanut, until he discovers that the rest of his body is now being occupied by a very familiar other dog…


5 / 5 - 4 ratings.

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Pickle & Peanut   -   03 November 2017
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