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Kamisama Kiss: Kako-hen OVA Episode 4 English Dubbed

Watch full Kamisama Kiss: Kako-hen OVA Episode 4 English Dubbed streaming online. Kamisama Kiss: Kako-hen OVA Episode 4 English dub online for free in HD.

The God meets someone and The God at the Eve of Marriage

Tomoe called Nanami by Yukiji, she responded that she lost her appetite and secretly tell herself she isn’t really Yukiji. Tomoe is confused thinking she is afraid of him, but she declines. She wishes to go back home, but Tomoe thinks that she wants to go back to her fiancé. He shows a hairpin that belongs to Nanami that she received from Tomoe in the future. She snatches its back, saying it’s her favorite. Tomoe decides to take Nanami to a place which reveals to be a cherry blossom field. They argue a bit on their way there and Nanami realized that everything he’s applying is not true, but she can’t say anything because she doesn’t want to interfere with the past. She falls after going toward the beauty of the cherry blossom and Tomoe catches her and finally see her smile and tells her to keep smiling. Tomoe purpose that he will build his palace for her here in this field, but she responds that the cherry blossom will eventually scatter so it wouldn’t matter and asked Tomoe if he can bring her back home. Tomoe gets angry and asked her to be his, but he soon realized she doesn’t like him when he is like that. Tomoe tells her how he first saw her surrounded by the villagers and confesses to her. She begins to cry when she found out that he saw what she has done for him. He gets mad for a second as she cries again, but became happy once Nanami said that she was already his. Nanami made a promise to him that she will marry him when it’s “time” in the future giving him her hairpin to show proof. But until then she asked him one last favor to bring her “home” and she begins to collapse because of the strain on her body. But he doesn’t want her to be alone so he goes to Kuromaro to make a promise to become human so he can be with “Yukiji” forever. With a dangerous warning, he continues on and sealed it with her hairpin to show proof of her promise she made to him. Nanami realized what she needed to do and was told to retrieve the hairpin from her time. Kuromaro explains why he forged such a contact that even he have someone that he wants to stay forever, which is revealed to be Akura-Ou. Nanami said her goodbye to him and head back to the present. She meets Mikage but soon realizing that it was Mikage from the past and he asked if she knew anything about breaking the Tomoe’s curse. Back to the present, Mizuki realized that everyone fell asleep and gets mad. He even asked Mikage that he not even worrying for Tomoe, but he said he always did from the very beginning when he was his familiar. He did everything he could do, but nothing worked and said after 20 years he met Nanami saying that the fogged had been lifted. Nanami reappeared to the future surprising Mizuki, but he hugged her anyway because he was worried. Mikage welcomed her back and assumed she knew how to break the curse and she smiled and agreed. Tomoe believes he hears “Yukiji” but know it can’t be true because she died a long time ago. Mikage tries to ask Tomoe to come out of the darkness and join him, but he declines. Mikage tells Tomoe that Nanami is going to retrieve what he needs to break the curse and that she will be back soon. Tomoe was surprised, during the Yogiriguruma ride, Mizuki asked her if they were in the right place and she agreed. Nanami found the place and tells Mizuki to lower the vehicle after she falls out and hanging on the branch from the harsh wind. Tomoe is worried and asked why she is doing such a dangerous task and Mikage responded that she getting the proof in order save him. Tomoe doesn’t believe that anything will lift the curse because he left Yukiji to died all alone, and that all human are weak including Nanami. Mikage tells him that Yukiji had a child and that child gave birth to another child and pass down to generations leading to Nanami’s generation. He tells him that Nanami is a descendant of Yukiji which shocked Tomoe. He explains that all human are not weak and that Nanami existence is the proof of their strength. He lends a hand out to Tomoe saying to come on out, just then Mikage was pushed aside by Nanami calling Tomoe’s name and showing him the hairpin of the promise she made to him long ago and asked if he remembered that promise. He reaches for it and he embraces Nanami, she tells herself that she finally remembered what she was supposed to do that after 500 years with their memories lost, they were able to meet again. The curse marks have disappeared and Nanami asked him, “Who am I?” and he responded, “You’re Nanami” and she said, “That’s right” and they kissed. Memories of Nanami and Tomoe’s flashback from the two seasons as the credit rolls up. Toward the very end, show a glimpse of Mikage smiling. And back on Nanami and Tomoe as they are in an embrace and she tell herself that from now on she will tell him that she loves him many times.


5 / 5 - 17 ratings.

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Kamisama Kiss   -   30 September 2017
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