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Kamisama Kiss: Kako-hen OVA Episode 1 English Dubbed

Watch full Kamisama Kiss: Kako-hen OVA Episode 1 English Dubbed streaming online. Kamisama Kiss: Kako-hen OVA Episode 1 English dub online for free in HD.

The God leaps into the past

It is snowing at the shrine and Nanami is playing and Tomoe watches happily when suddenly he collapses with black markings appearing all over his body. The shrine begins to collapse as it is Tomoe’s power that sustains it. When Nanami tries to help him he roughly pushes her aside, trying to cover himself. Mikage appears and places Tomoe within his pocket mirror. He reveals that Tomoe had a curse put on him so that he could try to become human for Yukiji but failed and only succeeded in securing his death when she would pass away. Mikage found him in this dying state and stopped the curse by making him forget Yukiji and the curse. But the curse would be reactivated along with his memories if he were to ever fall in love with anyone, revealing Tomoe loves Nanami. Mikage says that he cannot remove the curse and can only ease his passing. Nanami, desperate to save him, suggests that she travel back in time and stop Tomoe from cursing himself. Mikage says that doing so would be dangerous as she and Tomoe would thereby never meet but she is adamant. Misuki on hearing this, takes his incense pot, which allows the user to travel to the past, and hides in Yonomori’s shrine. Nanami finds him and tells him she will never abandon him and reveals she intends to find a cure, rather than stopping the curse. She travels centuries back and is immediately captured by villagers who assume she is a yokai due to her outlandish appearance. She is saved when Yukiji comes in and does not see her as a yokai but as a human. Yukiji gives a warm welcome to Nanami who feels a strange familiarity to Yukiji. Tomoe, injured after fighting with war god takes shelter in Yukiji’s village while the villagers try to hunt him down. Nanami hears about this and feels Yukiji will save Tomoe as Mizuki told her that is how Tomoe and Yukiji first met, but she realizes Yukiji hates yokai and instead of saving Tomoe is preparing to celebrate his death. Restless, Nanami rushes to save Tomoe, while he disguises himself as a child and lies injured helpless. Nanami recognizes him in his child form and embraces him. Seeing Nanami Tomoe feels his heart has got stolen by this woman, and she is the one he wants to claim as his own. Nanami takes Tomoe to Yukiji’s house and lies he is a child she knows and is injured by yokai. Yukiji calls doctor and Tomoe’s treatment is started, while Nanami hides from Tomoe as she does not wanna come in between the past love story of Yukiji and Tomoe.


4.3 / 5 - 31 ratings.

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Kamisama Kiss   -   30 September 2017
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