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Invader Zim Episode 19 – Bloaty’s Pizza Hog

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You will Watch Invader Zim Episode 19 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Invader Zim Episode 19 Bloaty’s Pizza Hog Dib goes out to defeat Zim. When Professor Membrane tells Gaz that it’s her turn to pick a restraunt to eat at, she chooses Bloaty’s pizza hog. Two Hours passes by, and when it is time to go, Professor Membrane says this is a family night,and that everyone must attend, otherwise he would cancel tonight’s family night. Gaz asks if there is any days that he is off, but unfortunatley he doesn’t. Gaz goes to her room to speak to Dib with a watch hat Dib gave her at the beginning of the episode. Dib still at Zim’s base gets kidnapped by Zim and taken to a station orbiting Earth for torture and vivisection. Gaz is forced to go to save him so as to be in time for a rare family dinner at her favorite restaurant. Gaz nearly decides to let Zim attempt his experiment of taking out Dib’s organs but thinks that Professor Membrane wouldn’t allow them to go to the restaurant without reassembling Dib, so Gaz releases Dib and takes an escape ship that Zim foolishly guides them to. Zim takes chase in another ship but is taken down by Gaz’s superior flying skills (most likely due to her gaming skills such as in NanoZIM). Gaz, Dib and Professor Membrane meet at Bloaty’s Pizza Hog and are about to enjoy their meal when Zim bursts through the door. Dib protests that he should finish Zim off but Gaz left him strapped on a platform and he could not move. But Zim is terrified of the crudely-mechanized singing animals and runs back out the door.


20 / 20 - 9 ratings.

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Invader Zim   -   29 March 2011
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