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Aldnoah.Zero Episode 8 English Dubbed

You are going to Watch Aldnoah.Zero Episode 8 English dubbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime Aldnoah.Zero Episode 8 Online English dub Then and Now / A Day When We Saw a Bird. Flashing back to the events of the previous episode, the Watdatsumi crew finds a flying Martian battleship, named the Deucalion, hidden under Tanegashima. Asseylum reveals her identity to the crew and uses her royal blood to activate the Deucalion’s Aldnoah Drive. With Asseylum’s identity publicly known now, Magbaredge agrees to protect Asseylum and escort her to the UFE HQ. Asseylum then goes out to the deck with Inaho, and marvels when she sees birds for the first time. Meanwhile, in Slaine is captured by Cruhteo and taken to his Landing Castle, where Cruhteo tortures him to try and find out why Slaine betrayed him as Saazbaum watches. Unsure of Cruhteo’s loyalty, Slaine stays quiet, and throughout his torture he relives several flashbacks of his childhood with Asseylum back on Mars. Slaine eventually reveals to Cruhteo that Asseylum is still alive and that the assassination plot was carried out by Martians. Shocked, Cruhteo orders an immediate ceasefire so that the conspirators can be found. However, Saazbaum attacks Cruhteo’s castle, killing Cruhteo and capturing Slaine.


19 / 20 - 27 ratings.

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Aldnoah.Zero   -   12 October 2015
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